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professional services As a business grows, the need for a suitably structured business accounting and reporting system also increases. This provides the primary means by which the owner or manager of the business can leverage their expertise and still keep their hand on the pulse of the business operation. This is reflected in the phrase: "If you can't measure it, you can't manage it."

When you do not have a properly structured accounting system, the result is unreliable information and needless frustration. It can take away your focus from core money-making activities and future opportunities. Simply put, it is not possible to grow your business revenue and profitability to its maximum potential unless you have a proper accounting system in place. Eventually, this problem will catch up with you and it could lead to financial disaster down the road. This is especially true, if significant unrestrained revenue growth is accompanied by shabby accounting.

A basic principle of a well designed financial reporting system is that the information it provides does not require an accountant or a foreign language interpreter to understand the information on reports generated.

As a business manager, are you forced to put up with the following problems? Unreliable accounting that is holding you back; Sloppy financial reports that fail to focus on important aspects of your business operation; A general ledger that you cannot easily read or readily find information. The general ledger is a report that details transactions affecting specific asset, liability, revenue or expense accounts. It should be a readable management report that is quickly available when you need to find transaction details.

R.E. Blumas LLC provides professional accounting services that are accurate and complete including preparation of interim and annual financial statements. In addition, we can provide other management reports from the information contained within a properly structured financial reporting system. We develop an ongoing partnership with our clients to help them increase their net income by having a financial reporting system in place that meets their needs.

We would be pleased to meet to discuss your specific needs and how our firm can be of assistance to you.